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 “Children see magic because they look for it.”

"Follow yourself and you will find me and yourself"

I'm a passionate communications professional. Also, an enthusiatic yoga teacher and aunt. My niece, which I love as my own daughter, is my SUNSHINE, and was my inspiration to create an specialized curriculum of yoga for children. I truly believe that if since childhood we learn to channel our energy and manage our emotions it becomes a lot easier later, as we grow up.


Even if, sometimes, it's not as evident to us, children also go through a lot of challenging situations in their daily life, with their feelings and thoughts. Yoga is a precious tool in their process of growing and becoming more self-dependent. It helps them with concentration, to expand their imagination and to manage their anxiety, to learn about nutrition among many other things.


My educational and professional background was the basis to help me to create a successful specialized children’s curriculum based on the core concepts of yoga, which also integrates elements of Gestalt and Narrative techniques, among others.


I received a master’s degree in Communications and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Florida International University, and received a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations and a Certificate in Pedagogy/Education from the University of Puerto Rico, both (M.S. and B.A. with a summa cum laude distinction). Likewise, I am a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching Yoga and Yoga for Kids since 2007 based in the curriculum I designed. I'm also currently active in Health Communications Research.


I also offer private classes for: children, adults, specialized classes and workshops for women, private classes for families and worskhops for children at schools. I also organize some yoga birthday's parties. :) I ♥ children.

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