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"Follow yourself and you will find me and yourself."

Maria Rosa considers herself a caring and dedicated yoga teacher. Her classes foster an energizing, calming and serene –therapeutic environment.  Maria Rosa has been teaching since 2007. The kind of yoga she practices is a quiet practice, based in slow movements that provide strength while increasing flexibility, protecting from injury and oxygenating the body. Techniques are learned to achieve a sense of calm in the midst of the chaos of everyday life.  María Rosa earned her master’s Degree in Strategic Communications and her Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Florida International University, with a summa cum laude distintiction,  and  bachelor's degree in Journalism and Public Relations and Certification in Education from the University of Puerto Rico. She collaborates in academic research about Health Communications. She created a specialized children’s curriculum based on it, in which also integrates elements of Gestalt and Narrative techniques, among others. She has worked with children to help them improve their concentration skills at schools and to overcome their anxieties. 

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